Scottish Cancer Conference 2017 Speakers

Professor Linda Bauld

Professor of Health Policy, University of Stirling

Dr Catherine Calderwood

Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government

Gail Caldwell

Vice Chair, Scottish Medicines Consortium

Professor David Cameron

Professor of Oncology, University of Edinburgh

Jennifer Dickson

Public Involvement Coordinator, Scottish Medicines Consortium

Farhat Din

Senior Lecturer & Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, University of Edinburgh

Dr Hilary Dobson OBE

Deputy Director, Innovative Health Delivery Programme

Dr Alistair Geddes

Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Dundee

Dr Peter Hall

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Cancer Informatics and Health Economics, University of Edinburgh

Dr Stephen Harrow

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

Professor Aileen Keel CBE

Director, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme, Chair, Scottish Cancer Taskforce

Peter McGrath

Scottish Medicines Consortium Public Partner

Rose Marie Parr

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Scottish Government

Stuart Riddell

Patient Speaker

Dr Douglas Rigg

GP, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Professor Hamish Wallace

Professor of Paediatric Oncology, University of Edinburgh & Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Dr David Weller

Director of the Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh