Duncan Sim


Duncan Sim is a Policy Adviser at Cancer Research UK. He leads the development of the charity's policy positions on patient access to cancer medicines across all 4 UK nations, covering issues including the use of genomic testing in clinical care and medicines regulation after Brexit. He is the policy lead for Cancer Research UK's research programme exploring the use of outcome-based payment for new cancer drugs in the NHS.

Session title

Ensuring access to new medicines across Scotland

Session synopsis

In 2016, the Review of Access to New Medicines was published and laid out a range of recommendations for increasing the access patients in Scotland had to new medicines. The Scottish Medicines Consortium and Scottish Government have led significant progress in increasing access to medicine, however, our evolving understanding of cancer as a disease is leading to newer, more personalised treatments such as precision medicines and immunotherapies, but also adding complexity and cost. This session will ask what more can be done to allow as many patients in Scotland to access new medicines whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness of this access for NHS Scotland.