Dr Catherine Calderwood


Catherine Calderwood has been the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland since 2015. She published her second Annual Report: Realising Realistic Medicine in February 2017 building on her first annual report by setting out a vision and priorities; showcasing international and national multi-professional support from clinicians, leaders from medicine and public health and stakeholders from a wide group of organisations; and outlining plans for engagement during 2017. Realistic Medicine puts the person receiving health and care at the centre of decision-making and creates a personalised approach to their care. It aims to reduce harm and waste and simplify care while managing risks and innovating to improve for a well-functioning and sustainable NHS. It also recognises valuing and supporting staff as vital to improving outcomes for the people in their care. Catherine believes that these improved outcomes must also include what the priorities are for that person (formerly known as a patient) and their family.

Dr Calderwood qualified from Cambridge and Glasgow universities and continues to work as an obstetrician, at a regular antenatal clinic at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. As a junior doctor she worked in medical specialities in Glasgow Royal infirmary and at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh before completing her specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology and maternal medicine in SE Scotland and St Thomas’ Hospital London. 

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